Chandigarh Chess Academy

Chandigarh Chess Academy

Chess helps children learn to concentrate and improves logic-building skills. It teaches them to play by the rules and take responsibility for actions, as well as how to problem solve in an uncertain environment.

Chandigarh Chess Class works on developing the thinking process in children. Apart from teaching Chess themes and techniques, our main emphasis remains on the development of the children’s thinking process, temperament building, brain stimulation, logical thinking, and mental toughness.
Children are first taken into the beginner course where they learn a basic level of understanding in the different stages of the game (Opening, Middle game, and End game). Once they are familiarized with different stages of the games and ready to learn more advanced techniques then they have been shifted to an advanced level where there is more theory than practical.





Concentration, Logic  and Problem Solving improve memory and development of the thinking process and mental toughness.

Chess Instructor Naveen Bansal is an International Fide rated player, three times Chandigarh Chess Champion and Fide Instructor (Recognized by World Chess Federation as Chess Instructor). He is also a National Arbiter and Vice President of the Chandigarh Chess Association. He founded Chandigarh Chess Academy in 2006 with the Idea to give impart Chess training to children of Chandigarh to perform well at the National and International level. In 2009, his student Tarini Goyal came 4th in the under 7 National and in the same year she won the bronze medal in the Under 8 category at the Asian Youth Chess Championship 2009 held in New Delhi. In the next year, she became the National Under 9 Champion.  Apart from Tarini most of his students became state champions in different age categories and also got international Fide rating.



Tuesday & Thursday

3:45 pm to 5:00 pm
Days : 

Tuesday & Thursday


5:00 pm to 6:15 pm

5.5-12 Years

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